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Hybrid servers in RU-CENTER

On December 13, 2018, we’re launching a new service: Hybrid servers.

This solution is based on KVM virtualization and combines the flexibility of VDS and the performance of a physical server. This technology provides isolation of equipment, exclusive use of server resources, and the ability to customize the software for the individual needs of your websites. Server management is carried out from a convenient web interface, allowing you to quickly solve administrative tasks of any complexity.

Hybrid servers are suitable for projects with high data security requirements and traffic. The service is available for order at 183.91 USD/month.

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Due to the launch of a new service, the following documents will be changed accordingly:

Addenda to the Service Agreement:

Addendum 2: Plans

Schedule 1/31-1 Hybrid Server Schedule

Addenda to the Multiple Services Contract

Addendum 2: Plans

Schedule 1/31-1 Hybrid Server Schedule