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.sport: accepting pre-orders

RU-CENTER is accepting applications for Sunrise and General Availability domain registration in the first specialized top-level domain related to the sports industry — .sport.

During the Sunrise phase, domain names are available at RUB 137,690 per domain name to the following categories of applicants: 

  • sports federations and public bodies; 
  • official sports clubs and athletic discipline coordinators not included in the list compiled by GAISF; 
  • athletes with valid licenses;
  • sports event organizers, sports-related media, and other sports-related corporate partners (sponsors, right holders, etc.). 

Orders from all categories of applicants will be accepted concurrently until November 6, 2018 and processed after the said date. The processing order for competing applications is determined by the respective policy of the .sport TLD Administrator.

The General Availability registration period on a first-come, first-served basis will begin on January 8, 2019 when domain names will be available to anyone wishing to run sports-related websites. Domain registration fee: RUB 41,390.

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Due to the start of pre-order submission for domain name registration in the .sport TLD and applications for .charity domains, the following documents have been modified accordingly:

Addenda to the Service Agreement:

Addenda to the Multiple Services Contract: