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New CMS hosting rate plans: MODX, Drupal, and OpenCart

RU-CENTER has expanded the range of hosting rate plans. You can now buy hosting in a special configuration optimized for the following CMS that are highly popular with web developers and advanced users: MODX, Drupal, and OpenCart.

New rate plans feature up to 50 GB of SSD space, placement of up to 30 websites, and automatic installation of the latest CMS versions.

Choose hosting adapted for your project's platform at a price starting from RUB 319 per month.

Choose CMS-hosting

Due to the update of the rate plans, as of April 04, 2018, the following documents have been modified

Addendums to the Service Agreement 

Addendum 2: Pricing

Addendum 1 to Schedule 1/17

Addendum “Hosting Plan”


Addendums to the Multiple Service Agreement 

Addendum 2: Pricing

Addendum “Hosting Plan”