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New Website Launch

Dear customers,

We spent last year preparing major update for RU-CENTER’s website with a goal to launch its new version this spring and are glad to announce starting from today it is 100% operational.

We improved the design, information availability and navigation, making the product choice easier. New website is fully optimized for all types of devices. 

One of the key and the most visible changes is the recommendation system. Based on common trends, domains a customer owns and his behavior during past visits it suggests potentially demanded domain names prior to a search query. The system is capable of self-education continuously analyzing various data about current customers’ preferences thus becoming more accurate, effective and intelligent.

Fully new code based on a modern technology stack enabled the website to work faster and with higher reliability, providing more options for further improvement of services and the system as a whole.

The update we introduce today is a first step in the process of turning our website into a user-friendly, convenient and customizable tool meeting the needs of each customer. Changes announced today relate primarily to front-end and we’re planning to develop the website further, improving product search and comparison algorithms, upgrading existing functionality and offering new one.

Thanks for being with us!


P.S. We will be glad to hear your feedback. Feel free to email us at

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