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Brand protection

A tool for protecting intellectual property. Track mentions of your brand in domains and on websites.


Search for domains that include your brand name

The service finds domains that are identical or similar to your brand name - for example, containing misprints. Using such names, scammers often mislead users by offering products and services on your behalf or by creating websites similar to yours to steal data. 


Website content analysis

The tool offers even more protection - it checks the content of websites that are placed on the found domains for brand mentions in conjunction with relevant keywords.


Sending claims

Based on the monitoring results, the service allows you to send notifications to stop unlawful use of the brand name.

User-friendly interface and daily report updates

The system ranks domains associated with your brand by risk and supports export in .XLSX format for further processing.

Payment periods and price plans


RUB 179,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 59,996 per month


RUB 377,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 31,499 per month


RUB 1,104,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 30,694 per month


RUB 1,794,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 29,917 per month

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