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Brand protection

A tool for protecting intellectual property. Proactively track mentions of your brand in domains and on websites, marketplaces, social media pages and in search engine results.

Search for domains that include your brand name

The service finds domains that are identical or similar to your brand name - for example, containing misprints. Using such names, scammers often mislead users by offering products and services on your behalf or by creating websites similar to yours to steal data. 

Search is carried out in hundreds of top-level domains, among hundreds of millions of domain names, including in Cyrillic.

Website content Analysis of content on websites, marketplaces, social media and in search engine results

The tool offers even more protection - it checks the content of websites that are placed on the found domains for brand mentions in conjunction with relevant keywords.

Monitoring of social media, marketplaces and search engine results is also supported (as part of the service, you can select up to six popular websites from the specified categories for free).

Convenient presentation of data and regular updates of reports

Information about brand mentions in domains is updated daily, in website content — weekly, on marketplaces, social media and in search results — monthly. A special interface is available for working with domain names and websites hosted on them: in it, the data is classified and ranked according to the degree of risk and can be exported as an .xlsx file. Reports for marketplaces, social media, search results, as well as notifications about changes in the list of found domains and websites, are sent by e-mail.

Sending claims

The interface with search results for domain names and websites allows you to send requests to stop the unlawful use of the brand name.

Priority processing of lawyer requests

Quick disclosure of data about the owners of domains found as part of the Brand Protection service and registered with RU-CENTER Group for effective elimination of discovered violations: when ordering the service for the period of one year or more, an accelerated procedure for lawyer requests is applicable - the term of their consideration is reduced to five business days.

Legal support (available for a fee)

Optimize the cost of preventing brand abuse: using the monitoring data, you can carry out activities to secure your rights on your own or request comprehensive legal support for a fee — Semenov & Pevzner is the partner of our service, one of the leaders in the field of intellectual property protection on the Russian market. The company's clients include Harman, Rovio, Warner Music Russia and other well-known brands. 

Brand Protection service pricing

RUB 179,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 59,996 per month

RUB 377,990 for the entire period

corresponds to RUB 31,499 per month

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