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How to renew domain and hosting in due time

Control your timely service payments with no extra effort.

How to remember to renew a domain, hosting, or other services

Domain and hosting are essential for the online business: website's operation is impossible without them. Usually, abrupt suspension in operation is caused by overdue payment for hosting or domain registration.

Automatic notices reminding the client of outstanding payment for the service are sent via email in advance: one month before the hosting's expiry and two months prior to the end of the domain registration period. For most services, the auto-renew function is activated upon ordering, which ensures that the service is continuous, provided there are sufficient funds available on the account.

In large and medium-sized companies, dedicated specialists keep track of payment deadlines, making delinquencies a rare event. Owners of small businesses generally have to independently monitor all accounts and constantly keep in mind the payment deadlines, which can be quite inconvenient.

Most users can solve this problem by using the Autopayment service. In RU-CENTER, the service is available at the time of credit or debit card payments and account deposits via Yandex.Money, PayPal, or Webmoney payment systems.

Autopayment option for service renewal is offered when you make a new order, during the payment stage. You can enable the service at any time in the "Manage your account - Payment - Refill your account” section. Using this section, you can also limit the maximum withdrawal amount, change the payment system associated with the service, or disable the service.

How it works

  1. A few days before the service renewal deadline, RU-CENTER calculates the amount for which the personal account has to be refilled.
  2. With Autopayment enabled, the required amount is debited from the payment system’s account.
  3. Once the funds are transferred to the personal account, they are reserved for service renewal.

We do not charge any fees for enabling the service. No need to worry about security: payments go through a secure channel. Information about all transactions is available in the "Manage your account” section.

Enable Autopayment and secure timely payment for business-critical services.