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Which domain name to choose for a website?

Use our tools for picking the best domain name.

Choose an eye-catching domain name offered by RU-CENTER

The best domain name for a website is easy-to-remember and can help attract new customers. Choosing a domain name is easy: there are more than 700 top-level domains available. Besides traditional TLDs such as .RU, .COM, .РФ, .NET, .PRO, to name a few, you can use theme-based domains dedicated to virtually any activity. 

Our search tool is designed in a way that allows you to easily choose a new domain name according to your budget and area of activities. Its features include grouping into categories for better search results and a filter for selecting search results in specific TLDs without taking the value into account. 

Domain categories

Food, beverages, and restaurants 

More than 20 TLDs for websites of restaurants, bars, cooking projects, and the wine industry

Advertising and consulting 

Domain names suitable for media, advertising, and consulting areas

Foreign domains 

More than 200 country code TLDs dedicated to particular countries and regions

Russian and Cyrillic 

Popular Russian TLDs, including more than 70 geographical areas often used for regional websites

Healthcare and sports 

More than 30 TLDs for sport-related websites and healthy lifestyle projects

Family, hobbies, and interests 

Domains for businesses related to hobbies, family and entertainment projects 

Art and entertainment  

Domains for the art industry, theaters, music projects, and show business

Media, information, and catalogs 

Domains for the media industry, online publications, digital projects, and news agencies

Movies, music, and TV 

TLDs for the cinema and music business, production studios, and TV shows


Themed TLDs for the event industry, leisure, and entertainments


The most suitable TLDs for your company's official website  

Construction and real estate 

Domains for real estate businesses and the construction industry

Stores and services 

More than 80 domains for online stores, e-commerce projects, and the service industry


Unconventional domains for any type of business

Fashion and style 

TLDs for the fashion industry


For lending institutes, banks, and financial projects 

Science, education, and career  

For websites of educational institutions, research and development projects

Photo and video 

For websites of photo studios, photo banks, video services, galleries, and art projects 

Politics and society 

For serious websites and community-oriented projects


Black, blue, golden, green, pink, and red

Production and technology 

For production corporations and high-tech businesses

IT domains 

Thematic domains for IT

Travel and Tourism 

Domains for tourism business and entertainment projects


Domains for creating websites aimed at an adult audience

Great-looking address for your website

Dozens of thematic categories became available with the introduction of new domains (New gTLD), which have a number of advantages compared to traditional ones.

Suitable for specific businesses — such domains allow you to emphasize the subject of the website directly in its address: choose a name that reflects the nature of your business. Promotional website of a film premiere can be published in the .FILM zone, bar-related websites can use the .bar zone, and this works for any business: .taxi, .bank, .agency, .rent, .credit, etc.

Easy to remember — there are millions of websites with addresses that look the same. The new domain is more noticeable and perfectly suited for use in advertising: it will be easier for clients to remember it.

Convenient to use — the new domain can be used as an additional address to the main website: set up a redirection service to an existing website or a social network page.

A large selection of names — new domains have appeared recently, and there are many catchy addresses still available.

Do not limit your choice to traditional zones: you can choose a beautiful and easy-to-remember domain at a bargain price. Often, similar domains in traditional zones have been occupied for a long time and are only available in the secondary market at a higher price.

While selecting a name for your website, consider domains on sale: you can register a domain name cheaper than the standard price during promotions. The discount amount can be seen in the search results.