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Cheap hosting — pros and cons

Virtual hosting (mass hosting, shared hosting) is the most popular option for hosting websites and creating an email. It's easy to use, requires no prior knowledge of server administration, and is suitable for most websites. 

When first embarking on a project, users opt for companies providing cheap virtual hosting services in order to save money. The cost may amount to RUB 100+ per month. Cheap hosting doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality; however, we advise you to take a closer look at the following aspects:

Virtual hosting rate plans

Cheap hosting plans usually come with a number of resource limitations, for instance: a limited number of domains that you can accommodate (only 1-2 domains), limited amount of disc space (up to 1 GB) and emails, no access to server settings (php, cron, .htaccess), and lack of SSL certificate support. 

These limitations can seem insignificant at first, but as your project gets bigger you might want to switch to a more flexible hosting with access to server settings. Budget hosting providers typically don’t grant access to advanced server functions, so users end up transferring their websites to a different hosting.  

Trial period

Availability of a trial option suggests that the hosting provider is serious about its product and that you get what you pay for. If there is no trial option and the company doesn’t provide refunds for purchased hosting, then you may end up spending money on a service that doesn’t suit your website. 

Tech support

24-hour technical support via phone, email, and an online consultant solves critical issues quickly. A professional hosting provider always ensures that its customers may contact tech support through different communication channels. As a rule, budget hosting companies only have a form on the website or e-mail support, which does not always allow for prompt response to urgent questions from users. 

Inexpensive hosting can be suitable for websites with consistently low traffic and simple structure. For owners of profit-generating websites (online shopping, blogs with advertising, business pages), it is important to stay online in any situation, manage server settings, and be able to contact technical support at any time.

We at RU-CENTER understand how convenience and reliability are vital to hosting , so we created our own control panel based on user feedback to make the process of hosting and customizing a website easier and more intuitive. You can try it for 14 days absolutely free . You can continue using our services by paying for 1, 3, 6, 12, or 36 months: the longer the period, the cheaper the hosting. Our technical support works 24/7 via phone, email, and an online consultant on the website. Our Help section is constantly updated with new extensive guides on how to work with RU-CENTER products.