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Domain Shop

Domain store is a service for purchasing domains on the secondary market with guaranteed transaction security.

Sale and purchase of domains

  • 1m potential buyers
  • more than 170k domains 
  • more than 700 domain zones
  • protection of interests of the seller and the buyer
  • guaranteed compliance with the law

How the domain store works


Every day hundreds of verified sellers offer domains registered in RU-CENTER or with any other registrar.

Domains available in the store can be found in special thematic sections — the domain catalog. You can also use a regular search and filter the results by price, domain zone, and number of characters in the domain name.

In the store, you will find premium domains, 2-, 3- and 4-character domains, as well as domains consisting only of numbers or letters.

The recommendation sections display new domains placed for sale in the store during the last two weeks, as well as domains popular among customers. In the personalized "You already viewed" section, recently viewed domains are displayed for each customer.

This allows us to attract to the domains sold in the store the attention of more than 1 million potential buyers a year.

You can sell Russian, foreign ccTLD, gTLD, or theme-based domains in any of the 400 zones available. The seller only needs to submit an application for online ownership transfer once — it will be sufficient for all future deals.

Domains sponsored by other registrars can be sold by our Club members. To complete the sale of such domains, they need to be transferred to RU-CENTER.

RU-CENTER’s guarantees


We ensure that the transaction is compliant with applicable laws, that the seller receives the money, and that the buyer receives the domain rights. 

Our commission is 10% of the transaction amount. For members of the Business Plus and Business Pro club programs, the commission is reduced to 6% and 3%, respectively.


  • access to a wide audience of potential buyers
  • low transaction commission
  • SMS notifications on the transaction progress and offers from sellers
  • secret link for direct transactions


  • domains with record
  • opportunity to set desired prices
  • SMS notifications with updates on the transaction 
  • secured sale