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How do I get free hosting

Along with a free SSL certificate and Website Builder

There are many ways to save money on launching a website: for instance, to select a cheap hosting rate plan or use templates for creating websites and save on development costs. However, saving money is not just about buying cheap hosting for your website, but also about choosing a suitable platform for it. It is important to find hosting that meets all the requirements of your website, as this would help you avoid having to waste time and money on the project's migration to another server in the future. 

Many hosting providers offer a free trial to test hosting for a few days. Usually, the free trial is insufficient to explore the control panel, go through user scenarios, and figure out whether the server complies with the website's technical specifications. Moreover, in addition to hosting, other services may be required for the website's operation, such as trusted SSL certificates, which are rarely provided free of charge. 

RU-CENTER offers its customers the following services for free: 

• Virtual hosting for 1 month

• SSL certificate for 1 year

• Website Builder for 2 weeks

To get the services, become RU-CENTER's customer. 

Free hosting

You can get hosting free of charge when registering any domain name, except for domain names in worldwide TLDs.  

At the last stage of placing domain registration order, a free virtual hosting service under the "200" rate plan for 1 month will be added. After you credit your personal account, the domain name will be registered, free hosting will be activated, and an email containing information on how to get access to the control panel for managing your website will be sent to you.

Following the expiration of the free trial period, the hosting service will be available for renewal in accordance with the rate plan, whereby all the website and mail settings will remain unchanged. Learn more about the offer

Free SSL certificate

A free Symantec Secure Starter SSL certificate is issued for 1 year. It ensures secure data transfer over HTTPS and improves the website’s ranking in search engines. This certificate can be obtained when registering domain names, purchasing or renewing hosting services, and ordering Website Builder. 

Free Website Builder

Built-in templates will allow you to create a professional website with no coding skills or any special knowledge. Website Builder is provided in test mode for 14 days free of charge. You will get access to all range of styles and designer templates, so you can find a suitable one for your website.