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Free Website Builder with Domain Registration

Build a website on your domain in a few simple steps

On September 7, RU-CENTER launches the Free Website Builder with Domain Registration promotion. When you register a domain, you can build a website on it without coding or any special skills.

Not sure about how to use your domain?

Create a simple website and let the domain name benefit your business. Use the domain as a corporate website with information about your company and services or as a personal web page.

Need a domain for a pilot project?

Website created in a website builder is the best option for measuring demand, collecting requests or presenting a product.

Have you registered a domain name for future sale?

Create an advertising page for potential buyers. By typing the domain name in the browser, they will know who to contact.

How to create a website on a domain

Once you register your domain name, you will get access to a Website Builder under the Business price plan with all options available. For one month, you will be able to use all available functions for an easy and quick website launch free of charge. 

To create a website:

  • go to the “Manage your account” – “Services” – “Hosting, Mail, Website builder” section;
  • click on the “Manage your website” — “Go to Website Builder”;
  • select one of the templates available;
  • place any information you need;
  • publish the website online.

What's next?

If you decide to use the created website after the trial period, you will need to pay for Website Builder renewal. During the trial period you have access to all options of the Website Builder available under the Business price plan. As default, renewal for the next month will be charged under the Starter price plan, however, you can change it to a higher-priced plan.

If you don’t need a website builder for your domain

You can cancel Website Builder renewal on the service’s page in the “Manage your account” – “Services” – “Hosting, Mail, Website builder” section. Click on the “renewal” link and tick the “Cancel renewal” box and save the changes.