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Essential security level

Compliance with regulatory requirements

RU-CENTER is officially accredited by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and ICANN, an international corporation managing the address space of the internet, and has all the necessary certificates and licenses to carry out domain name registration and communication services. RU-CENTER's professional liability is insured by Sber Insurance for 500 million rubles.

24/7 technical support

Our experts are always available and ready to answer your questions.

Automatic renewal

To prevent the loss of domain ownership right, domain names are automatically renewed by default. Domain name registration term is renewed automatically if there is a required amount of funds available on the personal account.

Email notifications for renewals and standard transactions

Notifications about the expiry of the registration term, renewal, delegation suspension, deletion or suspension of the domain sent to the email address specified in the contact details of your agreement.

All RU-CENTER domains are provided with an essential security level by default. We recommend increasing the security level for important domains, especially if they are crucial for your business, by choosing the set of options that best suits you.