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Domain broker

A service for organizing transactions for sale and purchase of domains in the secondary market. Cost: RUB 2,490 per domain name.

The domain you were planning to register is occupied and there are no available alternatives? RU-CENTER’s domain broker will help you determine the reasonable cost of the name you are interested in, contact its owner, negotiate sale options, and help you organize a secure transaction at the agreed price. If no agreement is possible, he/she will pick up alternative domains for your needs.

Cost: RUB 2,490 per domain name.

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Advantages of RU-CENTER’s brokerage service

 We advise you on secondary market domain pricing prior to negotiations

Offering a fair price for a domain name greatly increases the chances of its current owner's response and subsequent sale.

We help you with alternatives

If the agreement on the domain that you originally chose was not reached, the broker will make a list of recommended names in your budget that relate to the subject matter of your online project or line of business.

We provide turnkey support

After successful negotiations, our experts will coordinate the re-registration of the domain name and payment of its cost to the seller, eliminating the risk of any unfair practices during the transaction.

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Frequently asked questions

  • For which domains is the service provided?

    The service is available for domains registered in RU-CENTER and other registrars. For domains registered by non-residents of the Russian Federation, the service is provided for transaction amounts not less than 1 million rubles.

  • How does RU-CENTER contact the domain owner?

    To contact the domain owner, RU-CENTER uses its available contact details.

  • Why does the buyer need to specify the price of the domain name in the application?

    The domain owner is more likely to respond to a request indicating the price, since then it can understand how your price expectations compare to its own. In some cases, the domain owner may offer an alternative price. In this case, we will notify you of such offer and agree on the option acceptable to both parties.

  • What happens if the domain owner doesn’t respond to the request?

    If the domain owner doesn’t respond to the first request within two weeks, RU-CENTER’s staff will try to contact the domain owner for the second time, and then, two weeks later, for the third time. Unfortunately, domain owners have the right not to respond to incoming requests. If the third request receives no response, the service is considered to be provided. At the same time, you can inform us of an alternative busy domain that interests you — RU-CENTER’s staff will try to contact its owner free of charge and try to arrange a transaction.

  • How is the sale transaction carried out?

    If the domain name you chose is registered by a resident of the Russian Federation, it will be available for purchase through RU-CENTER’s Domain Store after negotiations. For transactions with domain names registered by non-residents of the Russian Federation, a separate procedure is used. In both cases, RU-CENTER guarantees the transfer of the domain to the buyer and the receipt of funds by the seller.

  • When and how is the fee for the Domain Broker service charged?

    After you place your order, an advance payment of RUB 2 490 will be allocated on your personal account, which will be debited once the service is provided. If the negotiations were successful, to complete the transaction, you will additionally need to pay its cost.