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Custom Price Deals

RU-CENTER team will negotiate the sale of a domain name with its owner at the price offered by you and, if the price is mutually approved, arrange the transaction.

For a number of domain names available on the secondary market, the price may not be initially specified, which means that it can be negotiated with their owners. 

How Custom Price Deals work

Offer your price

Normally, the cost of domains without a fixed price starts from several thousand dollars.


  • Will negotiate the chosen domain name's sale on your terms with its owner.
  • If an agreement is reached, they will facilitate the transfer of the domain name to you.

The service cost is RUB 1,890.

The service is free of charge if negotiations are successful and you buy a domain for the price of not less than RUB 100,000 or if the domain name is unavailable for registration at the discretion of the registry of the respective top-level domain.

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