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Thawte SSL Certificates

SSL certificates issued by one of the oldest international certification authorities with 25 years of experience in the industry. The company has customers in 240 countries, an updated infrastructure in accordance with the latest security standards, and a secured seal available in 18 languages.

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Thawte was founded in 1995 and confidently occupies leading positions in the market. It was the first company to issue certificates to companies outside the United States and implement support for IDN domains, including Cyrillic domains. Today, the products of this certification authority are in high demand in 240 countries.

RU-CENTER offers popular certificates of the brand, available to both individuals and legal entities:

Thawte SSL 123 – issued for both individuals and legal entities. Verifies only the domain name (with/without www) and has a simplified validation procedure Used for protection of information sent via mail protocols and on services that require user registration. The popularity of the certificate is due to its reliability, affordable price, and speed of issuance.

Thawte SSL Webserver is the most affordable certificate of the brand with company and domain name (with/without www) validation. Suitable for online stores and personal accounts, but not recommended for online billing systems or online banking. Issued to legal entities only.

Thawte SSL Webserver EV (Thawte Webserver Extended Validation) is issued only to legal entities. The company undergoes a thorough audit during registration. The address bar of the verified website is highlighted in green. The certificate protects the domain with/without www.

In order to buy SSL certificates protecting the domain with/without www, you need to specify the domain name with www when generating a request for issuance (CSR). The above only applies to third-level domains of the type.

Thawte SSL Webserver WildCard protects the domain and an unlimited number of subdomains of the same level. Before the certificate is issued, the domain name and information about the respective organization are verified. Available only to legal entities.