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RU-CENTER SSL-certificates

Affordable certificates designed for Russian users.


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SSL Certificate Setup

RU-CENTER Customer Service

RUB 490
  • All necessary activities needed for a successful setup of an SSL certificate on your website
  • Correct https operation setup
  • Free installation when transferring the website to RU-CENTER

RU-CENTER’s SSL certificates, based on Comodo authentication technologies, provide a high level of quality that can compete with similar products developed by popular certification authorities. They provide verification of the organization and the domain name and protect the clients’ data and transaction information (during orders and payments) in online stores. They provide protection of domains with/without www and are available to legal entities only. 

RU-CENTER Wildcard protects an unlimited number of subdomains of the same level in one domain and the domain itself (when you order * protection, protection for the domain is provided as well).

To issue SSL certificates, we will require the presence of company’s data on or a DUNS number, a special identifier assigned to the company after registration on the website and registration of the D-U-N-S® Registered™ service. The procedure for obtaining DUNS is a paid service; further details are available at