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GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Cost efficient security products for websites developed by a major certification authority. Chosen by 100,000 customers in 150 countries since 2001.

SSL Certificate Setup

RU-CENTER Customer Service

RUB 490
  • All necessary activities needed for a successful setup of an SSL certificate on your website
  • Correct https operation setup
  • Free installation when transferring the website to RU-CENTER

GeoTrust has been one of the largest suppliers of SSL certificates since 2001. GeoTrust SSL certificates are used by more than 100,000 organizations in 150 countries. The popularity of the company's products provides a stable level of encryption reliability combined with an opportunity to minimize costs for companies with high standards of online data protection.  

RU-CENTER offers GeoTrust SSL certificates for individuals and legal entities: 

GeoTrust RapidSSL Wildcard – available to individuals and legal entities, suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Verifies the domain name only and has a simplified validation procedure. Protects an unlimited number of subdomains of the same level. If you order the certificate for a * domain, the second-level domain will be protected as well.

Geotrust TrueBusiness ID is available only to legal entities and can be installed on an unlimited number of physical servers. If you order a certificate for a domain with www, the certificate will also protect the domain without www. To do this, you need to specify the domain name with www when generating a request for your certificate (CSR). This is only applicable for third-level domains of the type.

Geotrust TrueBusiness ID EV is available only to legal entities. The company undergoes an extended audit before the certificate is issued. Provides a green browser address bar for a verified website. Protects second-level domains with/without www.

Geotrust TrueBusiness ID SAN is the most cost efficient GeoTrust certificate, allowing you to protect up to 100 domain names on one or multiple servers. Designed for Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Communications Servers, it is an ideal solution for hosting, quality testing systems, or a large number of business applications requiring protection. The registration price includes one main and 5 additional domains. Additional domains cost RUB 1,500 each for certificates.

Geotrust True BusinessID EV SAN — a premium certificate by GeoTrust providing the highest authentication level among SSL certificates. It can provide security for up to 100 alternative domain names. The registration price includes one main and 4 additional domains. Future domains are added for RUB 3,000 per domain name. 

Geotrust TrueBusiness ID Wildcard verifies information of the company and the domain name, protects an unlimited number of subdomains of the same level, and can be installed on multiple physical servers without additional licenses. If you order a certificate for the * domain, the certificate will also protect the second-level domain. Issued to legal entities only.