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Digicert (OV SSL)

SSL certificates with organization validation for large corporate clients by a leading certificate provider.


OV (Organization Validation) certificates verify domain ownership and existence of an organization. Before the certificate is issued, the organization's records in public databases, the validity of its phone number, and the presence of the organization's name in Whois lookup results for a domain are checked.

DigiCert is a leading provider of SSL certificates for large corporate clients. Around 89% of Fortune 500 businesses pick DigiCert products to protect their online assets. DigiCert certificates allow you to install Norton Secured Seal on your website — one of the most recognizable brands in computer security. 

Secure Site is the basic certificate of the brand, one of the most reliable certificates with organization validation. This certificate verifies the company’s data and domain name. It is suitable for protecting online resources of banks, financial organizations, and payment systems.

Secure Site Pro has all the benefits of the DigiCert Site certificate, supports legacy browsers, and compulsorily upgrades encryption to the highest level.