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Certificates with simplified validation from the world's largest certification authority.

GeoTrust Rapid SSL Wildcard

GeoTrust Rapid SSL Wildcard

178.33 USD/year
  • Assurance
  • Available for
    Individuals, Legal Entities and Sole Traders
  • Type
    Domain Validation
  • Domains Included
    1 + all one-level subdomains
  • Validation Level

We recommend

DV (Domain Validation) certificates verify only domain name ownership. This type of certificates is the simplest one. The validation procedure doesn't last long — a confirmation link is sent to an e-mail address on the domain for which a certificate is ordered. After clicking on the link, the certificate is issued automatically.

GeoTrust has been one of the largest suppliers of SSL certificates since 2001. GeoTrust SSL certificates are used by more than 100,000 organizations in 150 countries. The popularity of the company's products is attributable to a stable level of encryption reliability combined with an opportunity to minimize costs for companies with high standards of online data protection.  

GeoTrust RapidSSL Wildcard – available to individuals and legal entities, suitable for individual entrepreneurs. Verifies the domain name only and has a simplified validation procedure. Protects an unlimited number of subdomains of the same level. If you order the certificate for a * domain, the second-level domain will be protected as well.