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WordPress hosting
by 5.32 USD/month

Create blogs and websites with WordPress, no special skills or programming knowledge required.

The most popular free CMS in the world.

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1C-Bitrix hosting
by 6.65 USD/month

1C-Bitrix is the most popular commercial platform for creating websites and online stores in Russia.

The option of purchasing 1C-Bitrix license is available.

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Joomla hosting
by 5.32 USD/month

Create and publish your websites and stores with Joomla.

Intuitive and free CMS for creating websites.

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Drupal hosting
by 5.32 USD/month

Ideal for projects that require complex data management and enhanced functionality.

Makes the process of building websites much easier.

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OpenCart hosting
by 6.65 USD/month

Create and maintain online stores of any complexity. 

OpenCart is not demanding on system resources, allowing you to create online stores even with the cheapest hosting plans.

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MODX hosting
by 5.32 USD/month

For developing websites and web applications. 

Unleash your full creative potential when creating websites with MODX.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between CMS hosting and regular virtual hosting?

    CMS hosting plans provide more resources, run on powerful equipment and have configured to make your site fast and reliable.

  • Is it possible to switch from regular virtual hosting plan to CMS hosting plan?

    Yes, you could change your hosting plan at "Manage your account" section.

  • Should I install CMS manually?

    All the specified CMSs could be installed automatically.

  • Does CMS hosting have a free trial?

    Yes, you can test hosting at the 1C-Bitrix 3 tariff for 1 ruble within 30 days.

  • Can I order the license separately from the hosting?

    Yes, you can order the license separately. 

  • Still have questions?

    Feel free to contact our technical support team anytime.