CMS hosting

CMS hosting

Most advanced server equipment with SSD is configured especially for a quick launch, high-speed and uninterrupted operation of a CMS-based website.

WordPress hosting

For blogs and webpages based on WordPress
starting at RUB 319/month

Bitrix hosting

Fast and reliable operation of Bitrix-based website
starting at RUB 399/month

Joomla hosting

For advanced and e-commerce Joomla-based websites
starting at RUB 319/month


What is the difference between CMS hosting and regular virtual hosting?

CMS hosting plans provide more resources, run on powerful equipment and have configured to make your site fast and reliable.

Is it possible to switch from regular virtual hosting plan to CMS hosting plan?

Yes, you could change your hosting plan at "Manage your account" section.

Should I install CMS manually?

All the specified CMSs could be installed automatically.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact our technical support team anytime.