Register domain in 性 zone

RU-CENTER is an accredited Registrar of domain names in РФ TLD.
РФ is the first TLD, where domain names are put in Cyrillic script only.

Registration 590 rub/year
Renewal 890 rub/year
Registrar change (transfer to RU-CENTER) 144 rub
Registrant change Free
Price include taxes

RU-CENTER provides

Domain registration in the Register for a natural person or a legal entity

domain management interface

DNS testing

prompt notification about registration renewal

domain registration renewal in the Register upon payment

As well as

cancels the delegation and deletes the domain from the Register, if unpaid;

Registrant may

change DNS and manage domain delegation


change contact data

transfer domain sponsorship to another Registrar

cancel domain registration

Domain Owner may

change DNS and manage domain delegation

change contact data


Domains Registration Schedule in RU and РФ TLDs