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Register domain in .io zone

.io is a popular universal top-level domain for any website. The zone is popular among innovation and technology businesses, start-ups, and media.

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Which country does the .io domain belong to?

.io is a domain zone belonging to the British territory in the Indian Ocean, however, territorial affiliation in this case is insignificant. The .io domain often serves as an alternative to the .com domain, as there are no registration restrictions. .io domains are often used by technology companies for their website addresses ("io" can sometimes stand for "input / output").

Terms of .io domain registration

Any individual or legal entity can register .io domain without any restrictions.

The cost of registration of .io domains is RUB 4,190.

The cost of renewal of .io domains is RUB 6,190.

Transfer of rights (change of Registrant) costs RUB 450.

Transfer to RU-CENTER costs RUB 4,190. (the registration is extended by one year).