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Register domain in .in zone

.in the national domain of India. Check-in is available to legal entities and individuals.


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.IN domains

Which country does .the IN TLD belong to?

This top-level domain is intended for India. .IN domain names are suitable for all types of projects: anything from travel industry websites, theme-based blogs, to business web pages. Many companies choose .IN domains for presenting their brands on India's fast-growing market. Register an .IN domain name as your website's primary or additional address. 

Terms of .IN domain registration

Any individual or legal entity can register an .IN domain without any restrictions.

Registration fee for .IN domains is RUB 1,790.

Renewal fee for .IN domains is RUB 2,990.

Transfer (Registrant change) fee is RUB 490.

Transfer to RU-CENTER (Registrar change) costs RUB 1,490.

.IN Domain Registration Schedule 

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