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Today: May 27, 2022
Moscow time: 02:12:17
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Plan 500 $19 670  
Plan 300 $11 802  
Plan 170 $6 688  
Plan 100 $3 934  
Plan 50 $1 967  
Plan 30 $1 180  
Plan 15 $590  
Plan 10 $393  
Plan 5 $197  
Plan 3 $118  
Plan 1 $39  
Plan Basic $23.6  

Within 30 days prior to the domain deletion you can make an order according to any available plan.

If an order for the domain has been prepaid, only higher-priced plans remain available. Furthermore, on the day of the domain deletion the plans become unavailable by turn.

For example:

  • — Plan 500 is not available after 12.20 p.m. (MSK);
  • — Plan 300 is not available after 12.40 p.m. (MSK), etc.;
  • — Basic plan is available till 4.30 p.m. (MSK) on the day of the domain deletion from the Registry.

A paid order will become activated, if higher-priced plans are unavailable.


RU-CENTER gives no guarantee that the client will get a domain registration, but undertakes to fulfill all-out steps to help in registration of the backordered domain for the client, whose order was activated.

Registered domains become available in the "Manage your account" panel — "My Domains" 4 hours upon initiation of the domain deletion from the Registry.

If an order cannot be executed the allocated funds will be released.

The service is delivered as per the Domain Backorder Schedule for .RU and . domains (Schedule 1/18 to Service Agreement).

All prices are given in conventional units (CU). Ruble equivalent of a conventional unit corresponds to that of 1 (one) US dollar set by the Central Bank of Russian Federation for the auction closing date. Dollar equivalent of a conventional unit equals to 1 (one) US dollar.
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