Advantages of Using SSL Certificate

When making online purchases, authorizing in personal cabinet or carrying on confidential correspondence, we need to have reliable communication channels which can assure protection of the data being transferred. So, this is when SSL certificates come into the picture to solve the above problems.

SSL certificates allow you to:

  • organize coding of the information being transferred;
  • confirm authenticity of the web-site and its owner;
  • assure data protection against substitution of the data in the process of their networked transfer.

SSL certificate contains information on its owner, as well as a public key used to create a protected communication channel.

SSL certificates are issued by the Certification Authority which is an independent third party performing checks and guaranteeing authenticity of the information indicated in the certificate.

Improve Client’s Credibility

When changing-over to protected connection, a «closed lock» sign appears in Status line of the browser, while protocol «http» changes to «https» in the browser address bar.

Availability of SSL Web Server and SSL Wildcard certificates on your site means that the visitors can be sure on the following:

  • the data on your company have been verified and entered into the publicly available international register of Certification Authority dat;
  • domain name really belongs to your company;
  • you take care of your clients and safety of their personal data.

Use of SSL certificates ensures considerable increase in confidence level of clients, which is of prime importance at e-commerce.