Email Verification Rules for gTLDs

According to ICANN requirements, all registrars shall perform a verification of email addresses specified in contact details for gTLD domain names.

Subject of Verification

Email Verification Rules shall apply to the following list of top level domains.

Email address specified in Whois contact (Registrant type) for the domain name is subject to verification.

"Email is not confirmed " status will be set in "Manage your account" panel for all domain names and Whois contacts, for which such email is specified as a contact address, until email address is not confirmed.

Email verification is required in the following cases:

  • New domain name registration;
  • Modification of an email address in Whois contact (Registrant type);
  • Domain transfer from another registrar.

Email address for the domain name may be confirmed before the specified events occur (see "Email Confirmation" or "Email Change" sections).

If an email is not confirmed, a message containing a special link will be sent to the verifiable email address when any of these events occur. Click on the link and email address will be deemed confirmed. Repeated verification is not required.


If an email address is not confirmed within 15 days after domain name registration or transfer from another registrar, the domain name will be blocked.

If an email address is not confirmed within 15 days after email modification in Whois-contact (Registrant type), all domain names under the agreement, which are subject to the verification rules, will be blocked.

Blocking means delegation suspension for the domain name(s).

To restore domain name delegation you need to:

  • Confirm email address


  • Change a current email to the email address that has been already confirmed.

Email Confirmation

Automatic messages containing a link for email verification are sent to the email address to be confirmed within 15 days from the launch of email verification.

Furthermore, the agreement administrator may, at his/her own discretion, initiate the dispatch of a message containing a confirmation link. You may do this at any time, as well as before an event requiring verification occurs.

To confirm an email address for the domain name, you need to log in to "Manage your account" panel, go to the page of the corresponding domain name (in "Services" menu - "My domains" section select the appropriate domain name) and click on "Send a letter". Then click on the link from the message submitted to the specified email address.

After email confirmation the domain will be deblocked.

Email Change

Email address to be confirmed may be replaced by another one that had previously passed the verification procedure. To do so, log in to "Manage your account" panel, go to the page of Whois contact (find Registrant object in "Contract" - "Whois Contacts" menu, click on "Modify"), specify the new email address and click on "Save Changes".

Upon email modification you are required to ensure that "Email is not confirmed" status for Whois contact and corresponding domain names was removed.

If the new email address is actually verified, the earlier blocked domain names will be deblocked. 

Otherwise, the new email address will also be subject to verification.


Email address confirmation (.pdf)