Product Description

Service fee (rub including VAT)
 12 months 2640
 6 months 1500
 3 months 840
 1 month 290
Desktop sites are designed to be used by a visitor in a computing environment with a full browser, large screen, mouse driven navigation and in a mostly sedentary context. However, mobile users have a small screen and limited navigation tools. Mobile traffic is expensive too.
With goMobi you can deliver high quality, cost efficient mobile solutions to your customers that will generate value, increase customer loyalty and add revenue.

goMobi Key Features

Fast and User-Friendly

On mobile websites the information is loaded up to 6 times quicker than on a full website, making the traffic cost-effective.

Customers can make calls from anywhere within the site with just one click.

Easy Setup and Editing

The goMobi Setup Assistant minimizes setup time and maintenance by automatically leveraging content from the source website.

Mobile Analytics

Tracks visitors, devices they use, where they went on the site, countries they came from and much more.

Multiple Design Templates

Multiple templates and icons sets are meant to customize the look and feel of each website.

Take a goMobi tour by visiting website (it is recommended to use mobile devices).


Find us. Customers can find your business with one click thanks to location-based directions via Google maps.

Advanced CEO. Add unique keywords to each page of your mobile site to increase search engine discoverability.

Compatible with all mobile devices. One website is displayed on more than 8000 types of mobile devices. Automatic redirection from the source to mobile website.

Site Redirection. Generate redirection code in one click to redirect mobile visitors from your desktop site to your mobile site.

Service Delivery Terms

goMobi service term is independent of domain registration period. Upon expiry of domain registration goMobi is disabled but will be deleted only in 25 days.

If renewed, the service will be fully redeemable within the 25 days’ period.

goMobi service ownership transfer is to be done with regard to setup specifics that may depend on other services under the agreement.

Service Setup

To make it work, specify in goMobi service settings the subdomain of a delegated domain name (for example, If you build your mobile website from scratch , first register a domain.

If the domain is delegated on RU-CENTER hosting DNS servers, further setup will be automatic, otherwise CNAME-record for the specified subdomain will be entered into domain name zone.

For example, for CNAME-record will look like: CNAME


Service Schedule

Service renewal procedure

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