Mail Redirection Setting

New mail redirection rules may be reconfigured and set in 'Manage your account → Review and update data'.

You may set one of the following general redirection rules:

  • all email messages sent to your domain except for the addresses, for which individual rules are set, shall be redirected to another domain with the user's name unchanged;

  • all email messages sent to your address, except for the ones, for which individual rules are set, shall be redirected to a single email address;

  • delete all email messages sent to the addresses omitted in individual rules.
    In this case the sender will receive message "User unknown".

Individual Redirection Rules

You may specify individual redirection rules for the email addresses in your domain in the "Manage your account" section. A single individual rule may be set for each address. From 40 to 200 rules may be specified subject to the length of the domain name and users' names.

Field To: of the letter head in case of redirection remains unchanged, i.e. the same address to which the letter was initially sent.

If a user indicates in his/her letter two or more email-addresses in the domain for which the service has been ordered, and each one is subject to redirection to one and the same address, the letter is to be delivered in a single copy.


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