About Domains Auction

Service Description
Domain Name Auctioning Terms
Auction Management Policy
Auction Provision Timeframe

Service Description

The "Auction Service" is meant for the cases, when the Seller is willing to sell a domain for a specific price, having no targeted Buyer therefore. By placing domain-related information at RU-CENTER auction platform, the Seller will seek potential Buyers, whereupon the auction will be placed. RU-CENTER will thereby guarantee the transaction and ensure domain ownership transfer to the Auction Winner only upon domain payment receipt from him/her.

The service is delivered for the Seller and lies in the actions to be undertaken on behalf of and on account of the Seller, as a result of which the domain name ownership is transferred from the Seller to the Auction Winner.

Domain Name Auctioning Terms

  • The auction is only available for RU-CENTER-registered domain names in the TLDs listed here.
  • To place a domain name in an auction, a Seller shall be:
    • domain name registrant (owner);
    • individuals who are citizens and residents of the Russian Federation, or individuals who are registered as sole traders under the laws of the Russian Federation and are residents of the Russian Federation, or legal entities established pursuant to the laws of the Russian Federation and located in the Russian Federation.
  • At least 2 months shall remain till domain name expiry term.
  • Since the day of the last transfer of the domain name from another registrant or another registrar (if such transfer took place) at least 60 (sixty) calendar days shall pass for .SU and third-level domain names and at least 30 (thirty) calendar days shall pass for .RU and domain names.

Auction Management Policy

The auction shall be held in compliance with the Domain Name Auction Schedule, which is an Addendum to the Service Agreement.

  • For the auction period no registrant or registrar change will take place for the auctioned domain name.
  • The auctioned domain name may not be withdrawn from the auction, and the bidding terms may not be changed.
  • Domain name transfer to the Auction Winner will be made only upon RU-CENTER receives from him/her a domain name payment.
  • RU-CENTER will transfer to the Seller the amount due to him/her for a domain name sale.

If a domain name sale failed, and the Seller has not refused to renew the domain auction service, the domain will be re-auctioned, if all the required terms are met.

Auction Provision Timeframe

The auction includes the following stages:

  • Publishing domain auction notifications in "Now on sale" list on web-server www.https://www.nic.ru/auction/ (at least 24 hours prior to auction start).
  • Holding domain auctions (not less than 20 and not more than 30 calendar days). The auction closing moment is determined to the exact minute. Keep track of the auction status and wait until "Auction closing" message appears.

    • The auction may close prematurely, if the domain name was sold at a Blitz price.
    • The auction period will be extended, if less than 5 (five) minutes elapsed since the last bid. In this case the bids will continue till bid-to-bid time span exceeds 5 minutes.
  • Expecting payment for the domain name from the Auction Winner (at least 10 calendar days from each Auction Winner).
  • Domain ownership transfer to the Auction Winner and money transfer to the Seller for domain sale (not more than 10 business days).