RU-CENTER Client Notification Methods

RU-CENTER's clients and partners may now enjoy "Instant Messaging Service".

This option is oriented for the users of jabber-services, such as QIP.

If you use Gmail from Google, you may receive instant messages from RU-CENTER upon installing GoogleTalk on your computer or a mobile phone.

A client, who uses this service, will receive free short text messages about the following events:

  • funds shortage on the contract account for service payment;
  • funds blocking on the contract account for renewals;
  • service disabling due to non-payment;
  • domain soon deletion from the Registry;
  • Registrant's change;
  • threat of hosting blocking due to disc space exhaust,

as well as the actions taken in the "Manage your account" section:

  • contract password change;
  • contract data change;
  • service disabling;
  • changing service settings.

Partners will be able to receive messages about change of administrative password and contract form data.

For service settings, please log in to "Manage your account" → Contract: Notifications → Instant Messages".