The features of a business-partner

Who can become RU-CENTER's business-partner?

  • an organization;
  • an individual;
  • an sole trader.

What does a business-partner get?

  • A possibility to render RU-CENTER's services to his clients:

    • domain names registration;
    • auction for soon-to-expire domain names;
    • hosting and mail services;
    • DNS-master Support;
    • SSL certificates.
  • Access to some technological RU-CENTER's services, including:

    • ordering and supporting services through the web-interface, by e-mail, or through an http-gateway;
    • access to lists of registered .RU and .SU domains;
    • domain name renewal notifications to clients;
    • Bulk Update for .RU, .SU, . and Third-Level Domains.
  • Interaction of a partner with the RU-CENTER service system implies:

    • client's forms registration in RU-CENTER's data base;
    • changing registration information in client's forms;
    • ordering new services;
    • renewal of ordered services;
    • adjustment of technical specifications of ordered services;
    • receiving information on clients and ordered services.