Via OAuth 2.0 protocol the users may register their applications for operation with API of RU-CENTER services.

OAuth 2.0 is based on the use of basic web technologies: HTTP-requests, redirects, etc. So OAuth 2.0 may be used on any platform having Internet access and browser: on websites, mobile and desktop applications or plug-ins for browsers.

For development and further use of API the application it would be required to register application on RU-CENTER OAuth server and pass token obtaining procedure. Then, the obtained token may be used in requests to RU-CENTER API services.

Application registration

For registration procedure you should log in to "Manage your account".

For register the application on RU-CENTER OAuth server, you are required to take the following steps:

  • Go to page with application registration.
  • Specify the name of your application in "Application name" field.
  • Click on "Register application" button.
  • Upon application registration RU-CENTER OAuth server will generate application identifier and password (client_id and client_secret settings of OAuth 2.0 protocol) to be specified in token request.

Applications management

Application password (client_secret setting of OAuth 2.0 ptocol) may be changed in "Applications management" section.