Mission, Goals & Principles

RU-CENTER is a leading Russian Internet company offering a full suite of services related to domain name registration as well as web hosting and personal domain emails.

Founded in 2000 by Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN), RU-CENTER used all the experience gained by RIPN during its time as a registrar and continued to evolve and develop new services, which means more opportunities for clients, as well as more secure and higher quality services.

RU-CENTER’s mission is to promote Internet in Russia by creating the most user-friendly services in the field of domain name registration, Internet addressing, web hosting and support of websites, both Russian and international.

RU-CENTER’s main goal is to provide its clients with services of the highest quality. The company sees its day-to-day task in giving new opportunities and providing new services — together with improving reliability and security of the existing ones. One of the RU-CENTER’s key priorities is legal security for clients. The company is broadening its geographical reach through an extensive partner network.

One of RU-CENTER’s main principles is strict observance of its obligations and liabilities to clients, partners, employees, and founders.

RU-CENTER was the first Russian company to become an ICANN-accredited registrar not only for Russian and foreign ccTLDs, but also for international gTLDs. Today, RU-CENTER is a leading registrar in Russia and Eastern Europe.

RU-CENTER is the first Russian registrar that insured its domain registration business — through AlfaStrakhovanie insurance company.

RU-CENTER has created a first Russian domain name auction, thus making a move towards a "civilized" secondary domain market in Russia. Domain Backorder Service is intended to stop cybersquatting of soon-to-expire high-value domains.

RU-CENTER’s web hosting is known for its reliability and customer-friendly support.

RU-CENTER is frequently mentioned in print and online media, with its press office actively collaborating with various publications.