RU-CENTER (JSC «RU-CENTER») is the first and largest domain name registrar* and one of the leading web hosting providers** in Russia. Today RU-CENTER has under its flagship RU-CENTER Group companies, embracing largest Russia’s domain registrars and web-hosting providers.

Established by the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN), the first sponsor of .RU, and based on RIPN's domain name registration department, RU-CENTER has accumulated all their positive experience and has kept on developing new services, offering new opportunities to its customers, and increasing quality and reliability. With over 20 years of domain registration experience, we provide friendly customer support, legal protection of registrant rights, and high quality of services. Today RU-CENTER supports over 3 million domain names. We have over 700,000 customers and over 8,000 partners, our representatives work in all the regions of the Russian Federation and in 68 other countries.

Our team is ready to offer a full suite of domain names in any TLD to suit any fancy. The unique "Worldwide Domains" service won RUNET Prize in 2012.

RU-CENTER provides highly secure and reliable Hosting and DNS servers with DDoS protection, as well as secondary market services: Domain Name Auction (winner of 2007 RUNET Prize) and Domain Parking.

RU-CENTER offers a wide range of SSL certificates — a unique digital signature of a website to enable a secured client-server connection.

Having strong partnerships with Russia’s financial leaders, RU-CENTER offers 18 various payment options.

Apart from commercial services we implement a lot of research, educational, and social initiatives as well as projects aimed at development of Internet technology.

RU-CENTER’s domains registration business has been insured in AlfaStrakhovanie Group.

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* — according to the number of registered names in RU, SU, and  ccTLDs
** — according to the independent ranking of hosting providers by Tagline